About me - Be fit at any age
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About me

Martin sitting

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Martin Obert. I am an Entrepreneur and Software Developer, currently living in Las Vegas.
About 15 years ago, I was at over 230 pounds (104 Kg). With being 6 feet (183 cm) tall, you could see the proportions were not right. I wasn’t “fat”, but I was overweight. My BMI was at 31.2, which did put me in the obese category. However, I did not really notice/care as live was good. But, one day, helping a friend move, I had to get some boxes up to the third floor and I was out of breath, feeling I would faint.

I knew I had to change

Due to that event, I knew I have to do something. I started to eat healthier, even though I love Coca Cola. Since I was living in California at that time, I also started to go on walks at the beach. One particular beach had a 100plus step staircase which was used by many to workout.
So did I;-)
Over time, I saw that I lost weight and felt better. Had more energy and was able to go on longer hiking trips throughout the great California outdoors.

Me running

Started to run

About 6 years ago, I decided to start running. I managed to go longer and longer over time and by 2014 I ran in a small town a 8k miles run. This was nothing official, just to support this little town. In 2015, I ran in the Las Vegas Ragnar relay race, which is a 200+ miles race that takes place over 36 hours with a team of 6 persons each. I had a total running distance for three legs of nearly 20 miles, when after just half a mile a got a cramp which haunted me for the whole race.

Going to the gym

In 2016, I started going to the gym, even though I didn’t like it. My main issue still is the fact that I am in general a very slender person, looking kind of lost in a gym with many trained guys. Nevertheless, I managed to get to 166 pounds (75Kg) and was in pretty good shape, running a Half Marathon in 2019 in 2 hours (including a mishap). However, live comes between things and I kind of gained a bit of weight again to 184 pounds (83Kg) by mid August 2021.
This website and videos should help me and you to stay accountable to keep our fitness and health for as long as we can.

It’s never to late!

Silo District 2019