Why this Website - Be fit at any age
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Why this Website

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Why this Website

I started this Blog because I got frustrated with all the “in shape” fitness models and trainers that tell you how to do things and what is good for you, but have never been in the position of a 50+ year old person who just recently started to work out after neglecting my body for 30 years.

You can go online and find tons and tons of stuff,

  • How to get fit in 60 days
  • How to lose 40 pounds in 30 days
  • How to get stronger arms over 60
  • How to run like a hamster in a wheel;-)

However, all of these do not take the average person, female or male into account who does not want to go on a strict regiment as there is something, called life in the way. Yep, our life is so complex and has so many angels that it always interferes with your goals. I was on a roll just about 6 month ago. Working out at a Crossfit in Orlando, FL, running and eating healthy. Then family came to change that as I had to move to Las Vegas, help our daughter and stay with her in a tiny apartment. All my gains and good goals went down the drain.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame anybody but myself to not keep at it, however, sometimes life just gets to complicated to do so. Don’t blame yourself, there is hope for all of us;-)

Martin sitting
Muscular man with barbell

On the left, you have me, an average Joe. On the right you have a highly trained man. Every video you watch, every meal supplement you might eat, every workout plan you see has the man on the right which makes it so much more harder for any average person to start and get fit and healthy since that is not achievable without a great deal of sacrifice and determination.

Don’t get me wrong. I admire that, but it is not for me as I did not grew up into that lifestyle, and changing it over 50 is very hard, thus, most people do not even start.

But I think there is hope.

This website shall keep you and me accountable for our actions and try to overcome the everyday hassles we encounter.

Together we can do this;-)