Workout Plan 1: All about Abs - Be fit at any age
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Workout Plan 1: All about Abs

male older abs

Workout Plan 1: All about Abs

Workout Summary (Level: Beginner)

NOTE:  Be sure to start with a warm-up, and end with a cool-down stretch. 

Circuit these 3 moves, 3 times through.

Timing = 60 seconds of work to 30 seconds of rest. Total time: 15 Minutes

  1. Double Leg Extension
  2. Heel Reaches
  3. Plank Jack Taps

Double Leg Extension

  • Start sitting with your elbows on the floor, fingers pointing towards your feet … feeling your core braced and pressing into your spine.
  • Tuck your chin to your chest, punch your tummy in, and pull your knees towards your chest.
  • With control, extend your legs as straight and low as you can out front.  Keep your tummy punching IN!  Pull your knees back into your chest.
  • Modification – 1 foot with knees bent. .. or just go for a smaller range of motion.

Heel Reaches

  • Waddle like a penguin, lol!
  • Start lying on the ground with your heels pulled in as close as you can to your booty. Arms stretched out front with your palms up.
  • Press your belly into your back to activate the core and lift your head & shoulder blades off the floor.
  • By crunching your obliques, reach your pinky finger to your pinky toe (or as far as you can reach).  Then repeat to the other side. 
  • Try to stay UP in the crunch position with your core tight the whole time!

Plank Jack Taps

  • Start in a Plank position – can be either high or low plank.
  • Keeping your eye gaze down, your core braced, and your hips tucked under – tap 1 foot out to the side – then back to center. Repeat with the other foot to the other side.
  • The challenge is to keep your upper body super strong and not wobble!
  • Modification – drop to your knees and press back up again when you need.